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Lovers Lane - Synopsis



FRANKIE, a 30 year old woman, wakes up to the snores of her long-term boyfriend of the same age, GEORGE. She is restless, feels trapped - needs to get out. She takes a shower to freshen up, to be alone. Just as she begins to relax she realises George is using the bathroom at the same time. 


Over breakfast, Frankie suggests a walk - but George is resistant, just wants to do some chores, hang around the house. Frankie confesses to an affair - or an attempt at one… a disastrous date with a younger colleague from her school.


That night, Frankie tells George that a girl at youth club confided she was pregnant. George is sympathetic - aware that this disclosure will bring back painful memories for Frankie.




Frankie and George go walking on the South Downs. They settle on a bench at the top of a hill and Frankie reveals the bottle of wine she has brought to share. The wine and the fresh air inspires a more intimate, candid conversation - the couple explore the origins of their relationship.


In their absence, the camera returns to explore the house, picking up details that reveal more about the couple - the mingling of things, juxtapositions that reveal different tastes, shared possessions and memorabilia. 


The quiet is disturbed by Frankie and George’s clumsy return home.


They appear transformed from the tired, adult couple into drunk, loved-up teenagers. Frankie leads George up to bed.

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